Car Phone Holder Long Rod Telescopic

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Fully adjustable with 360-degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape views.

Easy one-touch mounting system locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger.

Super sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces (including textured surfaces), yet is still easily removable.

The stickiness of the suction cup is infinite, just rinse with warm water and let air dry, restoring the gel pad to like-new condition.

It includes a new two-step locking lever that ensures your mount can be used on different surfaces.

The first locking position can be used for flat, smooth surfaces, while the second locking position can be used on curvy textured surfaces that may require more grip.

This also offers a telescopic arm that extends up to 2 additional inches to provide you with even more viewing options when using your mount, also provides a new sliding bottom foot.

No matter if your phone is protected by a skin or a case, the Car Mount grips securely onto your device so you can drive with confidence.


Material: ABS

Color: Yellow, Black

Suitable for:3.5-7 inch devices

Package Content:

1 X Phone Holder  

Additional information

Weight 0.40 lbs
Dimensions 130 × 150 × 220 in

2pcs Black, B, Black

84 reviews for Car Phone Holder Long Rod Telescopic

  1. V***y

    esta muy bien pero cuando acabas el viaje y manipulas los botones no hace nada no sé si es mi unidad que biene mal a yo que se tienes que desenchufar y volver a enchufar para que suelte el movil

  2. V***k

    the product is very delicate and not stable

  3. H***j

    Holder keep falling down because of weight of google pixel 7 pro . I thought it can endure that weight . I am little bit disappointed….

  4. X***x

    Yes I have the item for about a week. Is here something wrong with the device. The main holder of the phone does not seem to be “fixed”. It keeps being “loose” – able to turn slightly left or right. Also, whenever I start the car, the main device “tilt” to the right. After a few moment, the clamp arms extend out and ready to receive the phone and once the phone is placed, the clamp closes. I THEN have to adjust the device upright. WHAT is wrong with the device? Can I get a replacement ? How to “Return” the defective device?

  5. A***t

    الصراحة قهرني عيا يثبت فيه اللايفون وكل شوي طايح

  6. C***x

  7. S***f

    Ali Express is selling fake and under grade products. I haven’t had good experience buying here.

  8. Z***r

    Il dispositivo ha smesso di funzionare dopo 3 settimane e non riesco a trovare il supporto clienti.
    Ora è solo un dispositivo inutile.

  9. A***o

    slow changing

  10. O***q

    support looks good but my charger doesn’t work properly

  11. E***d

    no me gustó, no se puede fijar en para risas y tampoco en el tablero no me funcionó en la camioneta que tengo.

  12. Y***x

    Roto , el transporte tira los productos donde le da la gana y aparecen rotos

  13. O***t

    It’s working ok. it’s not high quality, should be better for that kind of money. suction system is really good 👍

  14. Y***c


  15. M***z

    it is good shape, BUT very slow wireless charging,, and very bad light stick and glue… i Used Super glue to hold this item in my windshield…

  16. S***z

    Um produto de qualidade

  17. K***q

    Is good works fine but fast charge it shows 2.5 hours, but with cable shows 1.5 hours until full, but the product is good and i recommend

  18. Z***m

    werkt niet op sommige telefoons

  19. I***h

    sehr gute und tolle Abwicklung und sehr schnell Lieferung. Artikel wie beschrieben, Funktion des Produkt sehr gut.

  20. F***i

    article fonctionne parfait.

  21. E***s

    doesnt sit properly on dashboard… u need a flat sticker for good suction

  22. N***o

    Super uchwyt obrotowy. Ułatwia nawigację. Polecam sprzedawcę.

  23. X***o

    The holder keeps turning to the side upon starting the car.

  24. H***s


  25. Y***y

    все работает,спасибо.

  26. K***j

    Great product, my wife has a 6-7 mm cover with 2 credit cards in it and still charging. The arm is study and the suction cup is superb. Will buy another one for my other car.

  27. Y***d


  28. X***l

    배송빠르고 좋네요

  29. X***z

    très bon produit satisfait

  30. H***c


  31. B***l

    Chegou bem rapido e bem embalado. Funcionando perfeitamente.

  32. D***m

    працює добре.

  33. I***q

    très bon vendeur livraison rapide a recommandé

  34. D***c

    works perfect,

  35. I***a

    sturdy and excellent mounting on windscreen

  36. D***n

    Great Quality, just as described!

  37. F***c

    The problem with this product is that its now working very well. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s just not working.

  38. L***c

    заряджає чудово, тримає телефон міцно. два кріплення на панель і на вент отвір. чудово тримає.

  39. V***m

    배송추적이 안되더니 갑자기 도착했네요

  40. J***m

    Дуже гарний тримач для телефону, чоловік дуже задоволений

  41. T***l

    It work for couples day then it not working since then. The holding and charging stop working.

  42. D***y

    simplesmente perfeito

  43. I***z

    בינתיים עובד יפה

  44. V***y

    الجهاز كهربائي ويدعم شحن الايفون فقط
    جربته على اجهزة اخرى ماشحنت
    ولكن الجهاز جودة ومتانة ممتاز انصح فيه لاصحاب الآيفون
    طبعا الشحن وايرلس عادي مو سريع

  45. T***d

    I didn’t receive yet

  46. F***w

    Looks good, works well. Thank you.

  47. E***v

    oscilla troppo e ritorna sempre in verticale, lo sconsiglio

  48. O***o

    옆으로난 누워을때만 빠지니 아쉽네요. 설정이 잘못되었는지.. 적응하고 써요..

  49. Y***n

    사용해보니까 좋아서 추가 구입하였습니다.

  50. G***k

    Minden rendben volt, jól működik.

  51. R***p

    meu celular não carrega rápido como eu desejava. matem a carga se estiver em uso com gps e similares.
    uso um samsung s21+

  52. R***x

    배송은7일배송으로구매 했는데
    5일만에 도착 무척 빠르네요
    품질은 회전축 세로방향 3도이상 유격 발생
    가로방향은 유격 없음

  53. M***e

    제품을 받아보니 튼튼하고 야무지네요
    잘썼으면 좋겠어요
    충전도 잘되는것 같아요

  54. Y***j

    Item shipped quickly and is good , thanks! Only thing is the item must be powered to maintain any position holding the phone.

  55. Y***y

    배송 빠르고, 성능 좋습니다

  56. P***q

    Прийшло укр поштою. Все дуже доброї якості. Рекомендую

  57. V***s

    제품이 튼튼하고 작동이 잘 되네요

  58. T***c

    Looks great, fast delivery, and good product installation was simple and easy.

  59. B***k

    top quality item, works well aesthetically pleasing and great build quality

  60. N***a

    버튼작동이 안될때가 많아요.

  61. F***t

    배송후 바로장착했는데 밀착부위및 다른부분은 이상없는데 무선충전이 아무리해도 안됨. 해외배송이라 반품하기그런것같아 거치대로만 사용함.

  62. L***n

    가로세로 돌아가는 기능이 있어 완벅한 고정은 안됨
    그리고 충전이 안됨..

  63. M***r

    لم استلم الطلب بسبب شركة التوصيل

  64. M***l

    Excelente produto, funciona conforme descrito no anúncio

  65. J***m

    Qality device

  66. U***e

    Wireless charging did not work. I returned the product and got the money back.

  67. V***g

    produit reçu et j’attends seulement le temps pour l’installer et donner mon avis après.
    merci pour l’envoi.

  68. B***w

    충전이 약하고 발열이 무척 심합니다. 또한 시동을 켜면 작동을 하지 않아서 usb 플러그를 뺐다가 다시 꼿아야 동작합니다. 불량인지 모르겠음….

  69. A***c

    Güzel ürün tavsiye ederim 👍

  70. O***m

    Same as description, fast delivered. I recommend this seller.

  71. W***p

    그런데 사면 가격이 떨어짐 ㅋ

  72. X***j

    very fast.
    and fast charge
    but, compress side bit small.

  73. P***t

    Excelente produto, entregue em 10 dias no RJ

  74. Y***r

    I received the order, everything is fine. Thank you.

  75. M***f

    It work with fast charge. Good quality

  76. Y***z

    ottimo prodotto, funziona bene, e gli accessori sono fatti bene

  77. M***c

    Wszystko jak w ofercie żadnych przekłamań

  78. Q***p

    ottimo acquisto!

  79. O***v

    мне понравился дизайн, но есть и минусы которые я заметил, он очень трясётся во время движения особенно по неровностям притом что все крепления сделаны довольно добросовестно а конкретно в том месте где стоит моторчик который поворачивает его
    на бок в этом месте от не фиксируется и
    дребезжит , и ещё один нюанс который
    мне не понравился , этот держатель не
    отпускает телефон до тех пор пока он не
    перевернётся на бок , то есть нет просто такого варианта чтобы просто нажав кнопку он сразу отпустил телефон нужно ещё ждать пока он перевернётся и тогда я ловлю падающий телефон) да и если у

    вас телефон редми или виво то почему то эти телефоны он не заряжает, но в целом я не расстроен, так как покупая на Али у тебя выбор без выбора) обратно отправить не вижу смысла. всем мира

  80. L***l


  81. K***g

    Super rzecz.
    Bardzo szybko ładuje, opcja obracania uchwytu jest przydatna, dwie opcje mocowania są super.
    Bardzo polecam

  82. F***t

    Super fast shipping

  83. B***a

    잘 작동합니다!!

  84. O***a


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.